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Argent LeanCity consultants can help city leaders identify Lean opportunities to reduce waste, lower costs, improve processes and service to their constituents.


The Lean Government Challenge:

Doing more with less is the challenge for local government agencies. Government agencies strive for better organizational performance, streamlined processes, and customer-focused services with lower costs. Argent can help your city reduce waste, streamline processes, enhance productivity and improve the customer service experience. 


In many cases, government leaders intuitively know there is waste and higher cost in their organizations but find it very difficult to put their finger on the specific processes and practices to remove the waste.  Argent uses a systematic Lean approach to identify opportunities that can positively impact your city in a quick and lasting way.


How does Lean work?

Lean focuses on the end-to-end systemic delivery of services and elimination of waste. Lean became widely known for its use at Toyota (called the Toyota Production System). It focuses on the end-to-end methodical delivery of services and the removal of non-value added waste.


What is Waste?

Anything more than the minimum amount of: Process, Labor, Materials, Space, Equipment, and adds no value to the product or service!


The Eight Wastes of Lean:

Defects, Overproduction, Waiting, Not Utilizing People, Travel, Inventory, Motion, Excess Processing.


Why Lean? 

Lean involves all employees and emphasizes quality.  Customers (internal & external) demand value, quality is expected, low cost and fast response is needed.  Lean provides competitive advantage, allows quick reaction to change in demand, and provides tools to meet changing process constraints.


Argent Lean Professionals can help you on your Lean journey:

Argent Lean government consultants can help identify opportunities to reduce waste, lower costs, improve processes and service to their constituents.


Get started with Lean city government:

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Free LeanCity information packet:

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