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Hospitals, clinics, and delivery networks are under constant pressure to provide superior quality and patient care at the lowest cost possible. In order to keep pace with competitors, hospitals must implement process improvements and technology that drives down costs while maintaining or improving service levels.

Argent works with hospitals to not only increase productivity but also to improve the quality and level of service provided to patients. Argent uses proven process engineering techniques and a hands-on approach to deliver solutions that target the high-impact areas of an organization and provide lasting improvements.

Lean means rapid change and rapid improvement for your organization. Lean is a powerful process improvement initiative that can be applied in any environment to deliver significant results in a quick timeframe. The Argent Lean Team provides a solid catalog of Lean services including:

  • Introductory Lean classes and workshops
  • Advanced Lean workshops
  • Mentored Kaizen events
  • Lean implementation / project management

Argent works with clients to implement Lean solutions that improve efficiency, enhance customer service and raise quality levels. Lean initiatives have consistently delivered the following improvements:

  • Lead time reductions up to 95%
  • Productivity improvements up to 50%
  • Work-In-Process (WIP) reductions up to 90%
  • Space utilization improvement up to 75%

Argent’s approach to laboratory efficiency is achieved via the Engineered-Lab process. The Engineered-Lab process is a methodical approach to discover the perceived and actual challenges facing the operation, develop solutions to combat the challenges and implement solutions using process engineering and lean techniques.

?The Engineered-Lab is a comprehensive and customized laboratory solution that provides substantial benefits including:

  • Optimized specimen flow
  • Decreased labor requirements
  • Reduced errors
  • Enhanced service
  • Improved turn-around times

Argent provides a total solution by creating an ideal physical layout, establishing a sound organizational structure, implementing internal and external best practices, and creating and monitoring the appropriate performance metrics. Next, Argent provides the proper management tools with the appropriate levels of technology. Lastly, we use lean techniques and six sigma monitoring applications to maintain optimal performance.

Argent uses a unique approach that gives clients the power and statistical insight of Six Sigma integrated with the speed and employee empowerment of Lean. Our training, rooted in a results-driven philosophy provides clients with all the essential Lean and Six Sigma tools and the ability to know which tool to use when. Argent’s Six Sigma services include:

  • Six Sigma project management
  • Six Sigma project staffing services
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training

Our experienced staff is comprised of Six Sigma Black Belts and Green Belts that have spent thousands of man-hours implementing Lean and Six Sigma solutions with clients around the globe. Prior to starting a Six Sigma project with a client, we work to match the right project team credentials with each organization?s needs. Some of the benefits of implementing Six Sigma are:

  • Lower costs
  • Repeatable processes
  • Fewer defects
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Increased throughput and capacity

Lean-Lab is a powerful improvement initiative used by clinical laboratories to improve efficiency, enhance customer service, and raise quality and service levels in a quick timeframe. Some of the benefits of implementing Lean-Lab are:

  • Productivity improvements up to 50%
  • Turn-around time reductions up to 95%
  • Faster processing times
  • Space utilization improvement up to 75%

Argent’s experienced engineers have worked thousands of man-hours assisting health care organizations in implementing solutions that drive efficiency, reduce processing times and improve patient care. Our Lean Masters can help your organization implement rapid improvements, remove inefficiencies and gain competitive service advantages.

The effective deployment of technology helps companies to reduce costs, enhance visibility, improve decision-making capabilities and gain competitive advantages. Argent provides a solid catalog of technology services including:

  • Return-On-Investment (ROI) Analysis
  • Request For Proposal (RFP) Management
  • Technology Assessments
  • Project Management
  • Training Services
  • Vendor Selection

Argent has always had a philosophy of partnering with clients to implement solutions that drive efficiency, enhance customer service and improve quality. Some of the overall benefits of working with Argent to implement your technology initiatives are:

  • Unbiased recommendations
  • Focused and dedicated staffing
  • Project management experience

Today’s businesses require rapid response to changes in technologies, markets, and competition. Argent can assist your company in structuring operations to effectively meet these challenges.

Argent’s focus is to help companies improve operational efficiency, quality and customer service levels. We begin by evaluating current and upcoming operating conditions and provide recommendations for streamlining efforts and improving communication channels. The advantages of working with Argent to develop an organization structure are:

  • Accurate assessment of operational needs
  • Rapid recommendations for future state
  • Independent and unbiased review
  • Roadmap for implementing proposed organization structure
  • Multi-industry experience
  • Outside viewpoint

In order to stay competitive in today?s global economy it is imperative for companies to continually improve their operational performance. Regardless of the industry, it is critical to optimize resources in order to achieve:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Increased capacity and hourly output
  • Reduced lead times
  • Improved profits

Argent has helped hundreds of companies to improve productivity while raising their quality and service levels. We utilize proven process engineering and lean techniques that enable companies to streamline operations and utilize their resources more effectively.

Argent Global Services has extensive experience in providing layout services to a myriad of industries and organizations. What sets an Argent layout apart is our approach. Whenever we are engaged by an organization, our objective is always the same… to assist our client in improving productivity and service while reducing operating costs and enhancing profitability.

An Argent designed layout is based upon a detailed understanding of workflow, procedures and processes, technology, and staffing. Argent’s engineering and consulting expertise goes into every layout. This ensures our clients of receiving a thoughtful design that incorporates an efficient workflow, best practices, appropriate technology, and proper staffing levels. Some of the benefits of working with Argent to implement a new layout are:

  • Improved workflow
  • Reduced costs
  • Elimination of bottlenecks
  • Reduced travel times
  • Better productivity

Argent Global Services is a leader in providing organizations with realistic and measurable business solutions. Our experienced business consulting teams couple proven process engineering techniques and real-world business understanding to uncover operational opportunities for our clients.

Once opportunities are fully explored, Argent works with clients to implement solutions that provide lasting change. Some of the benefits of working with Argent include:

  • Accurate assessment of opportunities
  • Independent and unbiased review of operations
  • Rapid development of road map for improvement
  • Outside viewpoint
  • Real-world know how
  • International, multi-industry experience

Starting with a comprehensive inventory of strengths and shortfalls, Argent helps companies to develop a long-term strategy that promotes growth and profitability. Whether reviewing existing products and services or evaluating the impact of new technologies, Argent provides an independent and unbiased assessment of improvement opportunities.

  • Create a roadmap for implementation
  • Deliver solutions that promote growth and efficiency
  • Improve organizational structure effectiveness
  • Identify initiatives that minimize costs and maximize output
  • Align people, processes and technology with business vision

Some of the benefits of working with Argent include:

  • Outside viewpoint of opportunities
  • Independent and unbiased review of technologies and tools
  • More effective use of capital expenditures
  • Significant return on investment
  • Expedited road map to achieving goals and objectives

A comprehensive and thoughtful RFP can make all the difference in selecting the right solution provider. It is critical to incorporate criteria specific to the client?s goals and objectives rather than relying upon vendor recommended strategies.

?Argent works with companies to identify appropriate solutions, develop the correct scoring criteria and select vendors based upon the ability to deliver the proper solution. This ensures that companies are provided with a comprehensive and meaningful assessment that enables them to make the best investment decision possible.

?Some of the benefits of having Argent manage an RFP are:

  • Dedicated and knowledgeable resources
  • Unbiased viewpoint and recommendations
  • Scorecard results
  • Confidence in decision
  • Expedited process
  • More effective use of capital