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VantageRPM Labor Management System

VantageRPM is a Labor Management System that provides individual and organizational performance and productivity reporting, labor utilization tracking, and manpower planning. Flexible user definable organizational structure for reporting and charting by enterprise, region, district, facility, department, activity, skill, shift, supervisor and associate. Some of the benefits of using VantageRPM are:

  • Quick access to productivity charts and reports
  • Accurate manpower planning
  • Built-in performance appraisals
  • Identification of non-productive time and root causes
  • Operational visibility
  • Ability to manage employee recognition and incentive programs
  • Improved productivity and time utilization?

VantageRPM Additional Information

Productivity reports provide associates with objective feedback and provide management with the tools needed to operate their facilities more effectively and efficiently.


Utilization reports help companies monitor productive versus non-productive time percentages, identify causes for delays and non-value-added time, and increase efficiency.

Manpower planning allows companies to calculate the hours and headcount required by area and allocate staff appropriately.

Performance coaching is used to help associates who are performing below average and rectify any incorrect work methods being used. Performance coaching reports help managers monitor performance during observation time versus normal floor time, document issues, and document feedback from their associates. This provides companies with objective performance data, fosters two-way communication, and helps associates in achieving 100% performance and above.

Volume reports provide comparisons between facilities, departments, and activities helping companies to monitor throughput over time.


VantageRPM? charts help companies to graphically show results over time and to provide performance feedback to management and employees on an ongoing basis.

VantageRPM? reports helps companies to monitor and manage productivity, quality, and staff utilization more effectively.

The system is capable of a high degree of flexibility and can be used in many types of operations including:

  • distribution centers
  • hospitals
  • insurance and banking
  • call centers
  • clinical labs
  • manufacturing operations

VantageRPM allows companies to use their own terminology rather than adjusting their terminology to match report fields and allows for the use of historical productivity goals, reasonable expectancies  and discrete engineered labor standards. Users can save custom report formats for quick access in addition to accessing many predefined charts and reports.