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Labor Standards

VantageRPM Labor Management System for Labor Utilization Tracking

VantageRPM is an automated Labor Management System (LMS) that provides productivity tracking, manpower planning, employee performance appraisals, and operational reporting across facilities, departments, shifts, supervisors, and activities down to an individual associate level. Some of the benefits of using VantageRPM are:

  • Quick access to productivity charts and reports
  • Built-in employee performance evaluation tools
  • Stepped goals, rewards, discipline and incentive capabilities
  • Manpower planning
  • Operational visibility
  • Ability to sustain performance levels over time

Argent’s VantageRPM software is designed for optimal flexibility in tracking performance metrics that are specific to each operation. The software is capable of a high degree of customization based on specific customer needs. The user’s terminology can also be used within the software thereby minimizing frustrations common during typical systems implementations. VantageRPM provides the foundation for improving productivity and quality, reducing costs, and sustaining productivity improvement results.

Engineered Labor Standards

Engineered labor standards provide associates with fair and accurate productivity goals and supply management with objective performance measurement data. Argent has helped hundreds of companies around the world to establish fair and effective productivity standards within their operations. Some of the benefits of engineered labor standards are:

  • 10-40% labor cost reduction
  • Accurate goals that are sensitive to workload and volume fluctuations
  • Fair and equal basis for performance measurement
  • Foundation for effective labor planning and performance reporting

Argent’s experience and industrial engineering background make us uniquely qualified in providing companies with accurate labor standards and productivity measurement solutions.