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Founded in 1988, Argent Global Services is recognized as a leader in implementing solutions that increase productivity, improve quality, and enhance service levels for clients across many industries.

Argent provides industrial engineering, software, training and management consulting solutions that enable clients to gain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. We utilize industry knowledge and real-world experience to deliver significant value for each client.

Argent has successfully assisted hundreds of clients in increasing operational efficiency while improving the level of service and quality provided to customers.


VantageRPM is a Labor Management System that provides individual and organizational performance and productivity reporting, labor utilization tracking, and manpower planning. Flexible user definable organizational structure for reporting and charting by enterprise, region, district, facility, department, activity, skill, shift, supervisor and associate. Some of the benefits of using VantageRPM are: Quick access to productivity charts
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Diagnostics continues to be an ever-expanding area that faces unique and exciting challenges. The explosion of new molecular technologies, expanding automation platforms, increasing competition, and very demanding customers are just a few of the challenges facing diagnostic suppliers. Argent?s extensive working knowledge within the diagnostic marketplace makes us uniquely qualified to assist both the laboratory and diagnostic suppliers with: Automation Time Studies Lab Workflow and Opportunity Assessments Industry Analysis and Competitive Intelligence Equipment Impact Studies Lab Designs

Lean City

Argent LeanCity consultants can help city leaders identify Lean opportunities to reduce waste, lower costs, improve processes and service to their constituents. The Lean Government Challenge: Doing more with less is the challenge for local government agencies.Government agencies strive for better organizational performance, streamlined processes, and customer-focused services with lower costs. Argent can help your city reduce waste, streamline processes, enhance productivity and improve the customer service experience. In many cases, government leaders intuitively know there is waste and higher cost in their organizations but find it very difficult to put their finger on the specific processes and practices to remove the waste. Argent uses a systematic Lean approach to identify opportunities that can positively impact your city in a quick and lasting way.