Challenges of Today's Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers feel the impact when the world changes. They must use resources efficiently to create high quality, globally competitive products, despite supply chain disruptions, the evolution of technology, and the lack of skilled workers.

Manufacturers understand there is a continuing demand to increase efficiency, improve productivity and throughput, ensure quality, and reduce costs. Customer expectations and competition to meet high delivery and service standards must also be addressed.

How Can We Help?

As an external entity, Argent can view an operation’s strengths and opportunities with a fresh pair of eyes. Our staff of professional engineers are certified in Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. They have the expertise to determine the high impact areas within an operation.

Through the proven industrial engineering techniques of direct observation, data collection, and data analysis, Argent can assess any manufacturing operation. By working closely with our clients, we can uncover hidden opportunities and develop creative solutions to achieve sustainable results related to each of the 4Ms: Manpower, Methods, Machines, and Materials.

Argent tools include Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, such as Kaizen Events and Value Stream Mapping, along with Time and Motion Studies and data analysis to identify and provide clients with opportunities for significant operational improvements.

Argent is committed to assisting management with the implementation of operational change that will drive continuous improvement and transform the operation into a Lean Enterprise.