Product Intelligence

What is Product Intelligence?

Product Intelligence involves ethically gathering and analyzing data related to the features and quality of a current or potential product and related services, compared to competitors or similar products in the market. It is an integral part of Market Intelligence by providing critical information for product evaluation and global market adaptation. 

What does Argent Offer?

Argent Global Services is a recognized leader in data-driven market discovery and research by using Industrial Engineering tools such as cost analysis and time studies. Argent has extensive marketing and product support experience. Argent engages with clients on marketing-related projects with the objectives to understand and compare the performance, capabilities, resource requirements and actual cost of products, systems and services.

Argent can leverage the engagement outcomes to develop valuable information and tools for your team and customers, which can include: marketing collateral, publications, training materials and proof-of-concept materials. Argent solutions have increased sales, enhanced knowledge, and improved service levels.