How Can Distribution be Managed Effectively?

Distribution represents the critical link between suppliers and consumers. With ever-increasing demands on service and rising labor costs, it is imperative that companies optimize their distribution resources and maintain a supply chain strategy that is both customer-friendly and cost-effective. Argent Global Services is a recognized leader in supply chain planning and execution.

With over 35 years of distribution center operations experience, Argent Global Services works closely with customers to implement comprehensive initiatives, optimize workforce performance and utilization, and establish a foundation for a culture of continuous improvement.

Company-operated DCs and 3PLs face a multitude of challenges, such as: diverse client bases and operational requirements, tight margins, workforce and assignment variability, and significant volume fluctuations. They also must maintain the productivity and efficiency essential for profitability, and any investments in new technology or operational improvements must be cost effective and have an accelerated ROI.

What Can Argent Offer?

Argent provides the technology, skills, and experience for proven initiatives to help meet the challenge of effectively managing distribution and labor. We offer a variety of Services clients can take advantage of to ensure optimized operations in every aspect of their distribution network. Partnering with Argent means gaining the tools essential for realizing the significant benefits of achieving improvement initiatives.