Pharmaceutical Case Study

Argent Global Services was engaged to observe and quantify the differences between a Global Pharmaceutical leader’s newly developed treatment and the established standard of care.


Argent was engaged by a leading global Pharmaceutical Company (client) to capture and analyze third-party comparison data between their new treatment and the establishment equivalent standard-of-care, both of which are administered through infusion.  Infusion treatments require substantial time and cost on the part of both the healthcare provider (HCP) and patient.  The new treatment featured a greatly reduced procedure duration and less frequent treatment cadence, as compared to the established standard.  A large treatment center in Melbourne, Australia, was identified and engaged to be the site of the observations, due to a high incidence rate for the treatments and prior working relationships with the client.

Treatment Center Fact Sheet

  • Global Foundation based in Melbourne, Australia
  • 3,800 Employees
  • 43,000 Annual Patients


Argent was tasked with collecting and analyzing comparison data to quantify the differences in total HCP labor, patient time burden, and cost between the two treatment options.


Argent deployed a team of engineers to Australia over the course of three months to work hand-in-hand with the HCP personnel to assess the relevant processes and perform comprehensive real-world observations of both treatments. In-depth interviews were performed at every level of patient and treatment interaction; this included reception staff, nurses, pharmacy techs, pharmacists, and doctors. Detailed Value-Stream Maps were developed for all processes related to both treatments and a study plan was developed to ensure precise, accurate, and consistent data could be collected by multiple observers. Approximately 30 procedures were observed for each treatment, for a total of 60 observations. The data was summarized, analyzed, and provided in an executive report.


The process maps that were developed as part of the engagement were provided to the treatment center as an additional added value for hosting the studies.  They provided valuable data and a deeper understanding of the center’s processes.

The study data was analyzed and provided to the client as part of an executive report detailing the study results. This provided a comprehensive summary of the hospital labor and cost for both treatments. The data confirmed that the client’s treatment provided a significant reduction in labor cost and patient burden as compared to the established standard. This provided highly valuable data for the development of sales and marketing material, as well as further insights into the treatment processes.

Summary of Results

Ø  Process Maps provided to both HCP and Client
Ø  Comprehensive labor and cost comparisons
Ø  Data for Sales and Marketing
Ø  Executive Report